USB & DVD Presentation

Our digital image presentation options
are made for sharing

Viewing and sharing images via electronic devices and the Internet is growing increasingly popular.
In recent months we’ve given a lot of thought as to how to present DVDs and USB keys so your clients can embrace all the opportunities offered by the digital world.

You can now choose between four great digital image presentation options:

  • Order a case in any of our lovely materials to contain either a DVD or USB key
  • Include a USB key in one of our popular duo or trio Portfolios
  • Select a USB key–only box in our signature square shape
  • Add a USB key to one of our 6x4" or 5x7" Prints Boxes

NEW Choice of a matte black key design including personalisation, or a stainless steel Kingston USB drive.

Present your digital
images alongside prints
in our unique Portfolios

When it comes to our Portfolios - our nifty take on presentation cases for stand-out prints – it’s all about choice. You can go duo or trio, select from all of our cottons and fabrics, and choose your aperture layout. You might even want to add a plain board for guest messages.

Our compact 6”x 6” Portfolios now work harder still, by allowing you to combine images with either a DVD or a USB key. We think they’re ideal for portrait or boudoir shoots, as gifts for family, or if you just want to dress up your USB key when an album hasn’t been ordered. You can choose the digital presentation option on both duo and trio versions.

To learn more about our Portfolios, click here.

New Kingston USB
presentation options

We understand that the safe storage of digital images is important and what better way to communicate this than with a Kingston USB drive.

Since 1987 Kingston has been known for producing the highest quality memory products which is why we've developed our Portfolios, USB Boxes, Print Boxes and USB Cases to accommodate these classy USB drives.

With super fast read/write speeds over USB 3.0 and housed in a strong metal case, the Kingston USB drive is designed to convey quality.

Now available in the Shop.

Small is beautiful...
our USB key
presentation box

Great things can come in small, square boxes – we’re thinking engagement rings and our neat new USB key-only boxes! Available in any of our Essential Cottons range, you can select a ribbon tie or hidden magnet as the closing mechanism.

If you want to present your USB key with prints and/or a wooden display stand, we have specially-configured boxes for these too.

Click here to learn more about our Prints Boxes.

Digital Presentation...
we're on the case

The new Digital Presentation Case has been reimagined to meet the needs of the modern photographer. The newly designed case doubles up as an elegant way to present digital files as well as displaying a show stopping image for clients to enjoy in their home.

Choose either a USB Key, Kingston USB drive or DVD envelope all wrapped in any of our cover materials. Either match them to our albums or order them by themselves.

Add a single or double aperture image to transform the case into a beautiful display item.

Our cases are lined with a choice of book-binding paper.