The Original Fine Art Album

A simple but comprehensive choice.
We’ve got it covered.

In our case, you can indeed judge a book by its cover and we offer options to suit everyone.

Our albums aren’t just to be looked at, they’re to be held and lingered over, and we have three leather ranges that just beg to be touched.

They’re natural leathers of the finest quality and durability sourced from manufacturers with strict animal welfare policies.

Because we think luxury should come as standard, our strong but tactile Contemporary Leather range is included in the base album price. However, you can choose to upgrade to our supple, Vintage Leather or opt for Eco Leather for the ultimate rich feel with second-to-none eco credentials.

We also offer an upgrade to the unique quality and beauty of silk covers with a vibrant colour range that shimmers under the light.

Our new high-quality Pastel Fabric, Bold Fabric and Essential Cotton has been selected for their strength and environmental qualities and can be substituted for Contemporary Leather for the same price.

Contemporary Leather
Eco Leather
Photo Cotton
Vintage Leather
6" x 6" Canvas

End to end fabulousness

The base price for our album includes 15 spreads, which is 30 pages or sides, although you can add up to a total of 40 spreads, or 80 pages. Once you’ve opened the cover and turned the book’s end sheet, the first spread is revealed.

And we must give special mention to our End Papers. They come as standard in a choice of Wonderful White and Classic Black.

Let's get personal...

For a more personal touch, you can add your client’s names and other text as well as your studio logo to our albums. One method we use is a traditional blocking technique carried out by hand which involves pressing hot brass type into the cover material leaving a classic, subtle impression. You can choose from two timeless fonts – Helvetica and Coronation and we’ll actually make a metal die of your logo as part of the process.

Alternatively, we use a highly accurate laser to digitally engrave your text or logo on to the cover. It works by removing the top layer of the material revealing subtly different hues underneath.

Finally, we’ve also created Photo Cotton covers as an option for our main albums and, if this is your product of choice, we can print your cover image directly onto 100 per cent cotton and lock it in with a light fine art fixative. The only limit here is imagination of the photographer!

Don't just open one of our albums. Discover it.

Our aim is to give your artistry a place to shine!

We go all out on careful thought and the best materials to ensure that your clients’ first peek at one of our handmade albums engages all the senses and recaptures some of the excitement of the big occasion. The unwrapping. The beautiful feel of the cover. The book shop smell.

Put simply, it’s an experience in itself.

Small but perfectly formed mini-copies.

Our 6”x6” albums are available as direct copies of our larger 12”x12”, 10”x10” and 8”x8” books, or as duplicates of a 6”x6” main album.

Perfect for clients to present to family and friends, orders just fly in for them. They are made in exactly the same way as our larger books to both look and feel good. Same invisible crease. Same archival quality materials. The small albums come in either our Pastel Fabric, Bold Fabric or Essential Cotton so you can coordinate with the larger albums if you wish. If you want to order a copy bound in leather, silk or photo cotton, you can simply order your 6”x6” as a main album.

Orders for mini-copies can be placed up to three months after your main album order.