We're specialists and it shows on every page

Like all masters, since first introducing our innovative Fine Art Books we’ve been dedicated to delivering superior fine art printing on the best papers. Every detail is thought out. For example our workshop is climate-controlled and fitted with the best possible lighting. We constantly monitor print quality levels to improve consistency and clarity even further. Our staff check and double check on each order and, if something is not quite right; we’ll be in touch with you.

Quite how we achieve such outstanding performance from our high-end printers is a secret we prefer to keep to ourselves. However our pigment-based inks, of archival quality, go a long way towards helping us to get it right. We utilise the latest High Dynamic Range (HDR) products developed by Epson to bring breath-taking sharpness and accuracy to your images.

Pure quality – all about our fine art papers

Our albums are lovely inside and out. We only use fine art papers and offer three choices for each album type.

Art White and Art Cotton are available in both our Fine Art Books and Matted Albums. There are additional choices of Gallery Cotton for our Fine Art Books and Gallery Pearl for our Matted Albums.

Art White

Art white is a bright, white paper that reproduces a dazzling spectrum of colours to give images instant vivacity.

  • 200 gsm fine art paper
  • Wood based paper made from sustainable sources
  • Sharp saturated images
  • Smooth texture with matte finish

Art Cotton

Art Cotton is 100 per cent cotton rag with a gentle texture. A slightly warmer white, it’s got museum-worthy archival qualities and gives razor sharp image definition that will stand the test of time.

  • 220 gsm fine art paper
  • 100 per cent cotton rag
  • Wood based paper made from sustainable sources
  • Sharp saturated images
  • Smooth texture with matte finish

Art White Plus NEW

Art White Plus, our 650gsm version of Art White that reproduces the same dazzling spectrum of colours but with a thicker yet flexible page turn.

  • Art White paper fused together with archival card
  • Total page weight of 650gsm
  • Wood based paper made from sustainable sources
  • Sharp saturated images
  • Smooth texture with matte finish

Gallery Cotton

Gallery Cotton (only available in Fine Art Books) is also 100 per cent cotton rag and similar to Art Cotton in terms of texture and base colour. The main difference is the weight which at 310 gsm adds extra thickness to each page.

  • 300 gsm fine art paper
  • 100 per cent cotton rag
  • Acid free and pH-neutral
  • Made from sustainable cotton sources
  • Soft texture with matte finish

Gallery Pearl

Gallery Pearl (only available in Matted Albums) has a subtle pearlescent look which adds depth and richness to your images.

  • 300 gsm pearl fine art paper
  • A bright baryta-based paper
  • Acid free and pH-neutral
  • Amazing contrast with deep blacks

Trust us to handle the screen-to-prints
journey of your work

Because screen images are displayed in RGB colour mode and printed images CMYK, moving from one mode to another involves translation. However you’ll be pleased to know that reproducing colour as accurately as possible is a challenge we relish!

We continually develop our ICC colour profiles to achieve the very best quality and consistency of images. Although we don’t supply downloadable profiles, if your system is fully calibrated and you send us your images as JPG saved in RGB mode using the colour profile sRGB, your colours will be reproduced as accurately as possible.

As the key to success is end-to-end calibration, we recommend calibrating your monitors using one of the industry standard devices such as i1Display or ColorMunki.

Be assured we don’t undertake any colour correction on your images and operate a fully colour managed workflow.

In order for you to preview how your photographs will look on our fine art papers, we offer a FREE Test Prints service.