Mounted Deckle Edged Fine Art Print Bundle – 10×8″

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Print Size: ~10×8″
Mount Size: 332x280mm

Order from 1 to 12 of our Textured White 310 fine art print with deckle edges and benefit from quantity discounts. Perfect when ordering alongside our Prints Boxes or simply on their own without a box.

Your print will be mounted with the deckle edges on display to ensure the finished print can be fully enjoyed. Please note that the deckle edges are created by hand.

Textured White 310

310gsm, 25% Cotton, 75% Alpha Cellulose
Texture: Medium texture
Finish: Mid White
Description: Textured White 310 has lovely rough weave which produces a textured and undulated paper finish. It has a mid white base and a water/scuff resistant coating resulting in a matt finish. This paper produces print sharpness with amazing highlight and shadow detail. We recommend this paper for landscapes or any images with high detail.

  • Random undulations
  • Matt Paper
  • Alpha Cotton mix
  • Amazing highlight and shadow details
  • Print sharpness
  • Perfect for landscapes or images with high detail
  • Hand torn deckle edges

Deckle edge finishing is only available with Textured White 310 paper. For more information see the paper page on the prints website .