Deckle Edged Fine Art Print Bundle – 6×4″

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Print Size: 6×4″

Order from 1 to 200 of our Textured White 310 fine art print with a deckle edge and benefit from quantity discounts. Perfect when ordering alongside our Prints Boxes or simply on their own without a box.

Textured White 310

310gsm, 25% Cotton, 75% Alpha Cellulose
Texture: Medium texture
Finish: Mid White
Description: Textured White 310 has lovely rough weave which produces a textured and undulated paper finish. It has a mid white base and a water/scuff resistant coating resulting in a matt finish. This paper produces print sharpness with amazing highlight and shadow detail. We recommend this paper for landscapes or any images with high detail.

  • Random undulations
  • Matt Paper
  • Alpha Cotton mix
  • Amazing highlight and shadow details
  • Print sharpness
  • Perfect for landscapes or images with high detail
  • Hand torn deckle edges

Deckle edge finishing is only available with Textured White 310 paper. For more information see the paper page on the prints website .