5×7 Prints Box with 2 Compartments

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With 2 compartments, this box can hold up to 100 unmounted prints.

Your prints deserve their very own handmade box

Our Fine Art Prints have proved hugely popular with customers. In refreshing our presentation options, we’ve given prints their own sophisticated handmade boxes. Near identical in design to our new Clamshell Boxes for albums, our Prints Boxes provide a great keepsake for family and friends. Our boxes serve as a nest for prints by themselves or can be customised to incorporate an insert to hold a USB key or, for a gift that will bring instant joy, a wooden display stand.

Mix things up with our different configurations

You can choose from a number of design options to accommodate prints in either 4×4, 6×4”, 5×7” or 10×8″ sizes.

  • Prints-only – keep it simple with a box to accommodate just your prints, either unmounted or mounted.
  • Prints plus an insert to hold a USB key or wooded display stand – here we’ve created sections for your prints and an insert for a USB key or a wooden display stand (mounted prints only with the stand).
  • Prints plus an insert to hold a USB key plus a wooden display stand – tradition and technology working in harmony with sections for prints, an insert for a USB key and a wooden display stand (mounted prints only with the stand).
  • 6×4″ and 5×7″ boxes are available with multiple compartments to hold even more of your images.

Our Prints Boxes are also available in their own right, without prints, or add a Print Bundle from the shop.

Choose your cover colour and close it your way

Our Prints Boxes come in any colour from our strong and environmentally-sound Essential Cotton, Heritage or Core fabric ranges. Boxes have three closure options: a ribbon tie, concealed magnets, or a combination of the two called a ‘show ribbon’ – the choice is yours.

Add some personal touches

Our boxes can be personalised, inside or out, with custom text, pre-made text or logos in a range of finishes, including foiling, printing and laser engraving. For more explanation about our personalisation techniques, click here.