Jess’s Tech Tips: Our New Online Designer

What’s new?

With the introduction of our new Matted Albums comes a new way to design them. We have worked hard to create a designer that makes album design simple and quick, with a large range of templates at your fingertips.

The designer can be accessed via the Pro Zone once logged in to the Shop. Alternatively visit


The benefits…

1. Intuitive template selection

Start by dragging images directly on to the spread. The software will cleverly prioritise templates with the same number of apertures. Flick through the different template options until you find one that compliments your images. You can also switch images, flip the design, de-saturate images and zoom in all at the touch of a button.


2. Failsafe alignment

Aligning your images has never been easier. The templates ensure that all images are aligned and spaces between images are equal, giving you one less task!


3. Simple client proofing

An integrated commenting system allows designs to be shared with clients via a web link generated within the software. Your clients can add comments to spreads, which in turn are automatically shared with you, saving time and making it easy to keep track of any changes.


4. Quick & easy revision control

Each time you save a design a new version will be created, giving you peace of mind that your changes are reversible. This feature is also superb for carrying out quick cross-references against previous versions, making it easy to eliminate any doubt as to whether a change in the design has been beneficial or not.


5. Effortless export and upload process

No need to worry about how to export and upload your design. We have made the process straightforward by allowing you to upload your design directly to us from the software!


Need a hand?

I have created a PDF How To Guide, outlining some of the key features of the new designer and how to use certain tools.

 If you have any questions about the new software or just need a hand with your first design, please don’t hesitate to ask. I encourage you to ask as many questions as needed to perfect your design!

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