Below we have collated a selection of the best
software solutions available to design your album


Folio Albums Designer

Our free Album Designer is accessible once logged in to the Shop, with a direct link available in the grey bar at the top of the page.

We took knowledge gained from designing albums, and the feedback received from our customers, to create Folio Albums Designer with the professional photographer in mind. Folio Albums Designer can be used to create stunning, simple Matted Album designs or Fine Art Book designs.

Our How To Guide will provide you with the hints and tips you need to start designing straight away.


Adobe InDesign

245px-Adobe_InDesign_iconAdobe InDesign is a sophisticated layout application suitable for the advanced user.

Layout Guides

12×12 layout guide InDesign INDD
10×10 layout guide InDesign INDD
8×8 layout guide InDesign INDD

A4 layout guide InDesign INDD
A5 layout guide InDesign INDD

PLEASE NOTE: not all versions of InDesign honour the bleed settings of IDML files, so before starting your design please read the instructions outlined within the templates carefully.


Adobe Photoshop

240px-Photoshop_CC_iconBelow you can find some downloadable layout guides which will provide you with our bleed / trim settings, and the relevant centre points to ensure that all of your apertures are centred to the post-trimmed spread.

The action pack will allow you to create the spreads, complete with guides, in Photoshop without having to open the templates.


Layout Guides

Right click and select either ‘Save As’ or ‘Download Linked File As’:

∙ 12×12 layout guides: PSDJPG
∙ 10×10 layout guide: PSDJPG
∙ 8×8 layout guide:PSDJPG

For a 6×6 Main Album, please use the 8×8 layout guides to design your spreads.

∙ A4 layout guide: PSD, JPG
∙ A5 layout guide: PSD, JPG


Photoshop Actions

Download our Photoshop action pack to create correctly sized spreads and to add trim and centre guides.

Folio Photoshop Action Pack v2.0



SmartAlbums LogoSmartAlbums from Pixellu is a revolutionary software that makes building albums so easy that they are actually fun to make!

SmartAlbums is an independent service and is not affiliated with Folio Albums.



sidebar_proalbum_designerThe ProAlbum-Designer plug-in works with both Adobe Photopshop, and Bridge, to allow you to quickly design spreads using their template collection, or by creating templates of your own.

If you’re new to ProAlbum-Designer, you can download it from their site:

If you download and install the software prior to buying and fully activating it, the plug-in will run in demo mode so you can trial it first. During demo mode the spreads will appear low-res and slightly distorted, this will be fixed when you purchase it through their website.