Albums bring in revenue. Don't neglect them.

How does it work?

Visit our online designer and create a new project for a wedding/shoot you've completed and upload the images you wish to be included. In the notes section type 'DESIGNSELL' and click request free design. We will create a beautiful design you can use as an album sales tool. Along with the design, we’ll send a template email and our designer's choice for cover options. 

Don’t skip out on albums because you’re short of time. We can help get them ticked off your to-do list.

We know things are busy. However, the difference between you and other photographers is, you have an awesome album supplier. We've always got your back!

We can assist with selling and designing your albums with our limited-time offer, Design + Sell. 

Our Design + Sell limited offer includes

  • A free album design completed within 5 working days, designed to encourage your clients to order an album.
  • Album cover option suggestions from our specialist design team.
  • A template email to help sell and share the album design and cover options with your client.


The magic in our method. Once your clients visualise their album, they're sold.

All you have to do is send our template email and you’ve got yourself a potential album sale. Plus you'll have album cover suggestions to inspire your clients... did we also mention it's for free?



How long does it take to receive my design, cover suggestions and template email?

Our Design + Sell offer is usually on an express turnaround of 3 working days. However, during our busy period (September- January) your design will be with you within 5 working days.


Are there any limitations with the design?

Your design will be created using our online designer. Our team of designers  stick to an average of 4 images per spread. We would recommend offering a 20 spread album to begin with. That means we would need you to upload 80 images for the design. We find this number works well to allow the images to breathe. With wedding albums for example, we can group more images together for speeches and family photos to have the ability to take a couple of images full spread for that wow factor!


How do I request the Design  + Sell offer?

Simply head back to our online designer Create a new project and upload you files. Once the files have uploaded click the 'Request Free Design' button and add the note DESIGNSELL and submit. You'll have a curated design that truly tells a story within 3 working days, plus our designers expertly selected cover suggestions and a template email to send to your clients encouraging a sale.  


 Does it cost anything?

This a free service we are offering. The full Design + Sell offer is free for a limited time but after this we still offer our free album design service without cover recommendations and template emails. 


If my client decides to order, what are the next steps?

Ah the desired outcome! So what happens next? You simply place an order in the Folio Albums shop. Once you've placed your order head back to online designer, select the relevant project name and click the export tab. On the new page, upload your files again for the high resolutions upload, select your album size and begin the export process and you're done!


What if my client wants to make some changes to the design?

We include one round of changes in the Design + Sell offer. Your clients can leave comments on the design for any changes and we will get them amended as soon as possible. Alternatively you can make as many changes in the designer as you like. The design will be saved to your account to make changes.


Can you offer any further help and sales tools?

We can indeed! We have a full education page with a range of helpful tools from an editable album brochure to client order forms. We even have a 3-part masterclass hosted by the brilliant Vicki Knights if you really want to invest in yourself and your business. We've also created a full series of template emails to help you chase clients and finish the process.


How long is the offer available?

Our Design + Sell offer is only available for a limited time, however we don't have an expiry date just yet. We will assess the current situation and work load and give plenty of notice of when the offer will end.

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