Awesome Album: Nick Ray on Studio Sample Album Inspiration

We recently came across an album design featuring some truly stunning images using natural lighting at it’s best. The layout was designed to showcase showstopping images from a full year of wedding photography to create a ‘best of’ style Studio Sample Album by Nick Ray of Nick Ray Photography

 We caught up with Nick to find out more about the idea behind this album and why he loves creating ‘best of’ albums for himself and to show his clients.



Nick Ray


This is the second year I’ve produced an annual ‘best of’ album. I include every single wedding from the preceding year – I want to show potential couples a level of consistency through all the weddings I shoot, but it will also become a record for me to remember my weddings and have a tangible printed archive of some of my favourite shots.

I choose some of my favourite shots from each wedding, but aim to show a selection from all moments of a wedding day. This allows me to talk clients through how I approach each situation on the day and I like to explain the thought process that goes into each composition and how I use natural lighting where possible. It’s often a surprise to couples to hear the thought that goes into the framing, lighting and anticipating the moment – and that good photographs don’t come about by a happy accident!




The album goes down really well with clients, as I can explain how I approached different weddings in different venues at different times of year, but I also have an album of a single complete wedding as I believe it’s important to show how I tell the story of the day.

I use natural light in my work wherever possible so I’m always looking for the best light I can find. Contrary to the views of many photographers I prefer to have lots of sunshine – it gives me more lighting options and it’s just more interesting. I make a big deal of doing some bride and groom portraits at some stage during the ‘golden hour’ just before sunset. I make sure they are on board with this beforehand so they are expecting it. I have a spread in the album where I can show the different lighting during a normal afternoon portrait shoot and the difference with the fiery evening light. The only time I use my own lighting is some off-camera flash in the evening during the dancing.




For this album I’ve chosen the Essential Cotton in ‘Hop’ with white cover printing. I do like the fabric covers, I think they have a more contemporary look. On leather covers I love both the debossing and engraving options equally.

I’m lucky that I get to shoot at some great locations and venues – I do a few destination weddings each year too. As for a dream location – something in the mountains or in a wild remote place, but I love anywhere that is a little different or unusual.


 Click play, turn on HD and go full screen to enjoy this awesome album

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Many thanks to Nick for contributing to the blog and for sharing his great images. You can see more of his work at