Jess’s Tech Tips: Updated Designer Features

Since the launch of our new web based Album Designer we have been working hard on some new exciting features. I am delighted to share with you a few of our most recent updates that may be beneficial to your album designing process!


Client Gallery

My personal favourite addition to our Album Designer is the client gallery. We have included the ability to add watermarks to your images and a password to make the gallery secure. Simply send the web link to your clients, where they can then select their favourite images with one click. An email will be sent to your registered address after the selections have been submitted, along with any additional comments that have been added.

The client gallery is directly linked to the ‘Edit Spreads’ page within the Album Designer. A yellow border will be added to all images selected in the client gallery, visible in the top image toolbar in the ‘Edit Spreads’ page. This ensures selected images can be easily seen whilst designing.



Client proofing

An integrated proofing system keeps everything in one place. Designs can be shared with clients at any stage via a web link. A password can be added to the page and previous versions can be easily accessed and sent for review. Clients can add comments to the design by clicking anywhere on the spread. After being submitted any comments will be sent to you via email.



Bespoke text

Our most requested feature was to be able to add text to a spread. We took this feedback on board and have now introduced a text tool that allows text to be added anywhere on a spread! The text tool can be found in the ‘Edit Spreads’ page, in the right toolbar. When selected the colour, size and style and font of the text can be modified. A red warning box will surround the text if it is placed too close to the trim area. If this red box appears then there is a risk of cropping so to be safe please ensure no text is placed within this area.



To access our Album Designer log in to our online Shop then navigate to the ‘Album Designer’ link in the top grey bar.

We always welcome constructive feedback so if there is something you feel could be improved upon or added to our Album Designer to make designing an even more enjoyable process, then please do let us know!
If you have any queries you can contact us via the following methods:

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Call –   01226 799004
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