#FFF: Petal Power!

Fresh flowers make a great focus for a photographer wanting to pick out the intricate details amid the bustle of a modern wedding. Flowers, like many of the finer features of weddings, have been thoughtfully chosen by the couple. The bouquet they choose – from the arrangement of the colours to the scents of the flowers – reflects their tastes, personalities, and perhaps even their experiences. Interestingly, the history of this tradition is not so sweet-smelling. In the past brides would carry bunches of ivy, thistle and heather, and sometimes even garlic and herbs. The bouquet would create a pungent smell which it was believed would ward off evil spirits. Thankfully this tradition came to an end during the Victorian era! The following series of images put these delicate modern wedding bouquets in their deserved place – centre stage.   20140621-5D3_1107LR_blog

Jason Harris

BouquetErikMarjonSimone Michelle

IS photography Bouquet(ivan)Ivan Steiner

pbp128w-094Peter Boyd

PetraVeikkola-folioPetra Veikkola

Sarah & Matt's WeddingNew Forest Studio

C&J-Wed-0018_01Cris Matthews

virginia_bonarelli_weddingVirginia Bonarelli

Thank you to all the photographers who have shared their wonderful work with us!