#FFF: It’s Like Rain on your Wedding Day!

Rain on your wedding day is not as ironic as Alanis Morissette thought when she sang about it back in 1996. According to Hindu tradition a rainy wedding day is thought to bring good luck. Fears of sodden suits and muddied dresses might make you apprehensive of wet weddings, but as brides who have been there will tell you, it’s not all bad.

Nothing brings out camaraderie amongst the guests like rain, and the light reflecting off the raindrops on the windows in the background of your first couple shot creates a cosy atmosphere, adding to the exclusivity of the moment. Outdoor shots are not necessarily out of the picture either, so keep a few brollies on hand.

Stormy weather clears the air of dust, creating light conditions that are great for bringing out colour contrasts and producing stunning photographs. And besides, there’s something very Marilyn Monroe about a white dress and a gust of wind. If you’re still not convinced, we hope this collection of images will convince you that a bit of rain isn’t always a bad thing.

Thank you to all the photographers who have shared their wonderful work with us!


Sacha Miller

Sacha Miller

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Anouschka Rokebrand


Oliver and Ruth

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Kevin Murphy