#FFF: 26th July 2013

The Anniversary for our #FFF posts almost slipped by un-noticed! By almost slipped by – it slightly did, so here’s a belated anniversary edition of our Folio Friday Foto feature!

I wanted to do something special for it, so using some of the fantastic, funny, and felicificative (Google it, it’s an awesome word) images that we have shared on our Lounge over the past year I have put together a selection of beautiful and humorous images that work together to create a story!

So here you go, a story-telling collection of images which takes you from the engagement to the wedding – with one of my absolute favourite images to finish things off!

Kick back, relax, and enjoy a trip down memory lane to get you ready for the weekend courtesy off…

Gemma Austin and Philippa Parkes from Cotton Candy


Annie Armitage


Kathryn Pike

2 Kathryn Pike_FolioLounge_20130605_001

Gemma Williams

1 Gemma Williams_P_006c

Neil Hanson


Rebecca Douglas

Rebecca Douglas _ Lisa & Owen's Engage#38EA60

Yvonne Lishman

Yvonne Lishman FFF

Ria Mishaal

Ria Snaddon 130322-sara-nick_ria-mishaal-photography-088

Alexa Clarke-Kent

Alexa Clarke Kent

Lou and Louie McMaster from Blackbox Photography


Adam Riley

adam riley - folio

Lakshal Perera


Wendy Grant

#FFF 27 July

Kelvin McIvor


Andy Rapkins


Jordan Banks from Source Images

Folio lounge image

Annemarie King

wedding at the boathouse castle howard

Ross Rayner-Browne



Tom Weller

Rectory Images 2012-130

David Stewart

folio albums - David Stewart

Alex Beckett

005 Alex Beckett wedding photography Slaugham Place wedding rain

Brett Symes

Brett Symes_ First-dance_Brett-Symes-Photography

Claire Morgan


Mandy Carter from Dottie Photography


Anna McCarthy

Anna thomas and matt-93lores

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the photographers who have shared their work with us, and you, over this last year. It will be exciting to see what amazing and inspiring images we will get to post before the next anniversary!