#FFF: Interesting Lighting Edition!

I really loved doing the Tour Bundle #FFF post last week – it was so amazing getting the chance to showcase a wider selection of work by our fantastic photographers.

So we figured it might be about time to shakes things up a little bit, and we have decided to revamp our #FFF posts so that we can share a lot more of the images that we love with all of you!

This week we saw lots of beautiful photographs taken in challenging lighting conditions – and we know that these photographers will have put a lot of work into making sure that their respective images came out just right.

So get ready to feast your eyes on some fantastic photography from…

Alexa Clarke-Kent

I absolutely loved this image from the Bridal preparations section of the album. The backlit image, complete with the vintage-style wedding dress, and the pose of the bride, all adds together to create a very classic and romantic image.

Alexa Clarke Kent

Dale Weeks

We see a wide range of opening spreads, but this lighting installation is a unique start to a wedding album. It ensures that your attention is instantly caught, and you cannot wait to turn the spread and see what comes next. It provides the perfect start to a wedding which mixes the traditional and the unique in a magical way.

dale weeks folio friday-1

Hazel Irvine

Hazel’s album had a couple of images which were taken in this fantastic location, but this one just beat the others due to the kiss. The image has such an intimate feel with the archway framing the couple, and the downwards angle of the shot. These composition elements work together to create a beautiful image of an almost-stolen moment.

Hazel Irvine-W-398

Katie Drouet

Katie’s image also showcases how framing the couple can have a fantastic effect. The image is used as the closing photograph of the album, ending the story of their day on a beautiful and captivating shot (you almost expect to see the words ‘and they lived happily ever after’ appear at the bottom of the page!)

Katie Drouet Folio

Matt Ethan

Wedding location shots tend to be taken during the daytime, or at nighttime only if the venue has outdoor lighting. Therefore this venue image, lit only by the sunset, definitely stands out. In the album it bridges the gap between the daytime and evening events, and it makes you stop and appreciate both the location, and the beauty of the old fashioned architecture.

www.mattethan.co.uk {wedding and portrait photographer}

Paolo Manzi

The cameo-esque composition of this shot adds both a very nostalgic and vintage air to the image, and also an incredibly fairytale-like element – you almost feel as though the subject is about to be whisked away to Wonderland, or Neverland. It is a bridal shot like no other, and it truly captivates the viewer.


Robin Bradshaw

The fairy-lights frame this couple shot perfectly. It is another example of an almost-stolen image, as though Robin happened upon the moment rather than specifically selecting the location. The low lighting and neutral colour tone add a classic feel to this intimate and romantic shot.

Robin Bradshaw- bullit_folio

Stewart Girvan

This image came from a frame, rather than an album, order – and it attracted the attention of all of our production team. It is a captivating and quirky groomsmen shot that definitely makes the most of the beautiful sunset and calm ocean.

Stewart Girvan_5277sg

Zoe Campbell

I love the composition of this shot. The way that the couple just command your attention from the corner of the image, the lights through the windows add a twinkly background, the sparse tree keeps your eyes focused on the newlyweds, and the pose of their heads almost makes a heart shape. It is a truly stunning couple portrait.

Zoe Campbell MI_WED_JPG 466-2

Whilst we have a range of images, from a variation of photographers, each one is truly stunning and makes the challenging lighting conditions work for the image to create all these beautiful shots that we see here.

I just want to thank all of this week’s photographers for sending through their work – and I hope that they help to kick-start this (apparently not-so-summmery-at-the-moment) weekend with beauty and inspiration!

Until next week…