#FFF: Friday 15th March 2013

We may have had a little break from our #FFF posts, but we are re-launching it with the most unique groomsman photo we have yet to see taken from Linda Scannell’s latest client album.

To say that this image caught my eye is probably a pun too far, but it definitely stands out from any other groomsmen photographs that we have seen. Taken during the group shots after the wedding ceremony, this is another example of how couples work to make their wedding day fun and unique after the serious ceremony part is over.

The groom borrowed some giant eyes from his workplace in order to surprise his new bride on their big day – and even though he had warned Linda of his plans prior to the big day she was just as surprised as the bride as she hadn’t imagined anything quite like what transpired. Going into group-shot auto-pilot, Linda ended up taking a few shots to make sure that she didn’t catch anyone blinking – and it would probably be a scary sight if she had!

So here you go, a wide-eyed groomsmen photo to kick off your weekend:


Image kindly supplied by Linda Scannell Photography