Folio Albums Presents: The New 6×6 Canvas Range

When we introduced our new Stone canvas cover option last Autumn, we announced that the rest of our 6×6 canvas range would be receiving an update in 2013.

Although our original canvas cover range is being phased out, the range will remain available during this transition – with the exception of the discontinued Shadow Grey – and will be phased out by the end of 2013.

For any 2013 6×6 Mini Copy sample albums we would advise ordering from the new canvas range so that the cover is still up-to-date next year.

These new colours were selected to be more complimentary to the main album cover options to make selling main album/duplicate copy packages a lot easier, and providing a more muted and favourable range for you and your clients to order – so we hope you like them!

This new canvas range is now available on the store, and on our swatch keyrings, for all of our 6×6 mini copy, or 6×6 main albums. So please welcome our new canvas range of:


Canvas Chalk

Duck Egg

Canvas Duck Egg


Canvas Sage


Canvas Straw


Canvas Stone


Canvas Wine



Any Canvas swatch keyrings ordered from February will contain our new, 2013-launched, canvas cover range only – get yours on our store now.