Folio Albums Presents: The Finishing Touches Part I

Whilst the major choices such as paper type and cover material are the main components that you consider when ordering your album, or finalising choices with clients, we know that the finer details matter too.

Folio Albums are considering these little details and what we can do to make things that touch more personalised.

The first ‘finishing touch’ that we have updated relates to our end-papers. Every album starts and ends with this double-page end-paper, so we wanted you to be able to personalise the way that your album starts and finishes so that everything is perfect for you, and your clients!


The End-Paper:

Previously we only offered black end-papers on all of our albums, but we are now launching a new white end-paper option to add that finishing touch between the album cover and the book-block to provide the look, and feel, that fits in with your brand, and your client’s needs.

The new end-paper option is now available on the store for all of our album sizes.

There is no price difference between the two options – it simply comes down to personal preference.

When you place your album order you will now be asked to choose between Classic Black, and Wonderful White.

You can see examples of both of our end-paper options below:


Classic Black

Folio Black Endpaper

Wonderful White

Folio White Endpaper


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