#FFF… 7th December 2012

This week’s Folio Friday Foto is taken from Paul Maven’s latest sample album.

Throughout the entire album, there were many images of the couple (and their guests) laughing and having a good time, which made it a fun album to look through. This image stood out from the rest not only for the breakdancing child, but also because of the facial expressions of the bride, groom, and their guest in the foreground of the wedding party. They all appear to be uncontrollably, and unexpectedly, finding the little breakdance hilarious and the joy that exudes from the photograph draws you in even more. Children can make it difficult to get the shots you need, but they can also help to create some unsuspecting shots that will end up being well-loved favourites.

So here you go, when the wedding ceremony is done, it’s time to go outside and dance, here’s an adorable break-dancing child to help everyone get that Friday feeling:

Image kindly supplied by Paul Maven Photography