#FFF… 23rd November 2012

This week’s Folio Friday Foto is taken from Cris Matthews’ latest client album.

The location used for the wedding had many intricate and beautiful details, and this image definitely makes the most of these exquisite features. The elaborate railing on the spiral staircase and the ornamental roses on the wall, all lead the eye down to the wedding party and to the bridal bouquet on the table. The bright pastel colours of the detailing contrast the stark white walls making the image wholly striking, and attention grabbing. Staircase shots are quite popular in wedding albums, but this one was definitely different.

After having quirky cakes, and funny wedding shots, I wanted to have a Friday Foto that was just simply beautiful. An image that catches the eye and makes it hard to look away.

So here you go, a wedding party framed by a wonderful staircase to provide a fantastic start to your weekend:

Image kindly supplied by Cris Matthews Photography.