#FFF… 16th November 2012

This week’s Folio Friday Foto is taken from Ross Rayner-Brown’s latest client album.

Once again we have a double feature – but this time it is of a cake cutting shot that is incredibly unique. We often see fun variations of the cake cutting part of the day, but we haven’t seen any other versions where the bride and groom are attempting to use a chainsaw. Even when the couple resort to the (more traditional) knife shot it still isn’t quite the conventional image.

The facial expressions of the bride and groom amp up the fun and eccentric feel to the photographs. They manage to appear more menacing in the knife shot when they appear to be stabbing, rather than cutting, the cake, than they do when brandishing a chainsaw. It’s always great to see couples who really make the day their own, and it always surprises us when we see the inventive ways that they manage to personalise the day. This one is definitely different, and yet it draws you in and makes you smile at the prospect of the captured scene in front of you.

So, here you go, an (almost) wedding cake massacre with chainsaws and knives:


Images kindly provided by Ross Rayner-Brown of RRB Photographic (Ross’s website is still under construction, but you can contact him at rrbphotographic@gmail.com).