Folio Supports: Movember

If you came to see us at this year’s SWPP in January, you may remember the Folio Moustaches that we had on our stand – or at least you may remember Stewart posing with one! Well, since we had some left over, we decided it was time that they were put to good use and sent out in the world to earn their keep.

So – since Mobvember is just around the corner we couldn’t think of a better cause for our Folio ‘taches to get behind!

We always try to be as Eco friendly as possible in our manufacturing processes to help to look after the world, but now it’s time to help the people living in it as well. For anyone not aware, Movember aims to raise both awareness and funds for men’s health and the Movember challenge has proved a hit with raising awareness and starting conversations.

Sometimes it’s not always practical to spend November growning and grooming your own moustache – so one of our Folio ‘tache’s is the perfect ready-made solution.

However a moustache is for life, not just for Movember! They could be put to great use for photo-booth sessions (we’ve seen a growing trend for these in albums lately) or for little ice-breakers in any portrait shoots. Failing that – you could always share the Folio love by giving them away as little jokey Christmas gifts (and whilst we know Guy Falkes would look smashing with a moustache we’d rather that they didn’t end up on a Bonfire please!).

All proceeds will go direct to the Movember charity – just use the Paypal button below to place your order and donate to the charity.

The Folio ‘taches are available for £2.50 each, or a bundle of 5 for £10.00

As soon as we get your order we will ship them out via Royal Mail so that you can sport your own Movember moustache!

Feel free to send through any self-portraits or images from shoots with Folio moustache sporting subjects for a chance to show your support to our Lounge readers!

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