#FFF… 12th October 2012

This week’s photograph is taken from Roslyn Leung’s latest client album, and it is another image which makes use of a sign to provide a sense of story-telling to the shoot.

Needless to say the image comes from an engagement shoot for a couple who are actually due to be married very soon. I loved both the sign itself, and the intimate moment caught between the couple in the background. They both look incredibly happy, with groom-to-be looking very proud of his fiancee and the bride-to-be looking so content and in love. In engagement shoots, you rarely see couples taking the time to get such signs and props made up. We tend to see more low-key affairs of shoots taking place in beautiful locations, rather than seeing the couple really personalising their shoot.

Despite the husband and wife to-be looking so sweet together in the background, the sign in the foreground adds a cheeky and humorous air to the shot. So here it is – an image of young love at its best for your Friday afternoon:

Image kindly supplied by Roslyn of Roslyn Leung Photography.