#FFF… 24th August 2012

In honour of the nice long bank holiday weekend we’ve got a bumper edition of Folio Friday Foto this week, with a groomsmen theme.

To start off we have an image from Tori Deslauriers latest client album, with the smallest best man I’ve yet to see. I liked how the image was taken from the child’s height, giving you a little perspective of how the day looked through his eyes. Despite his appearing cute and angelic in the photo Tori warned that he was a little menace throughout the day ;)

We also have an image from Chamonix Thurston-Rattue’s latest client album, with a best man who is a different kind of menace. At first I just thought that he was just holding up the one image, and then realised that he actually had a stack of them in his hand. Chamonix confessed that he did indeed have an arsenal of childhood photographs of the groom to pass around the room, so everyone could join in with the fun and laughter!

Whether the best man is still in their childhood, or reminiscing about the childhood of the groom, they always manage to add a little bit of menace and hilarity to the day. So if you’re shooting a wedding this weekend, or having a break from being behind the lens, here’s a little best man selection to help bring up memories of the groomsmen you’ve witnessed:


Images kindly supplied by Tori Deslauriers of Tori Deslauriers Photography and Chamonix Thurston-Rattue of Chamonix Thurston-Rattue Photography