Folio Albums Sneak Peek: Bamboo Presentation Box

We are going to launch our Bamboo Presentation Box very soon. Those of you who attended our tour have already had a sneak peek [and even a chance to feel it ‘in the flesh’] but we thought we would do this little blog post just so that everyone can have a chance to check it out before it is released on the store.

The idea to make and produce an upgrade box came after seeing the album box Ria Mishaal Photography offers to their clients.

We searched worldwide to find materials which held the best eco qualities and rating, without compromising on strength, durability, and beauty. Eventually we found something that fit perfectly with what we were looking for – a bamboo plywood that is incredibly strong, naturally beautiful, FSC certified, and is even made with a soy based glue which has minimal VOCs.

Now we had the materials, we just needed a magical artisan to lend their skills…

In order to keep manufacturing as ‘near to home’ as possible, we worked very closely with a fantastic and local Yorkshire craftsman. He helped to design and create the solander box to the specifications that we needed ensuring that it would be a perfect fit for our fine art books. After various stages of proto-typing and re-designing we had the final product, it matched the high quality and standard of our albums whilst remaining both practical and beautiful.

The boxes will be available for our 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12 fine art albums, and will include engraving on the front of either the client’s names, or your own studio logo. Our bamboo presentation box would perfectly complement wedding albums, portrait books, or any other kind of shoot you can capture! Through keeping the design simple and elegant our solander box will work with any genre of photography, and protect the album inside for generations to come.

We are planning to have them up on the store and available to purchase in August.

Since we will be making them in batches, there will be a limited stock available at the launch.

For all those who didn’t get a chance to see the boxes on tour, here is a little teaser video of a Folio Albums bamboo solander box in the making…

Folio Albums bamboo presentation box… coming soon from Folio Albums on Vimeo.