Folio Albums Presents… 6×6 Main Albums

Previously only available as duplicates, or Mini Copies, our 6″x6″ albums have now joined the ranks of our larger Main Albums. Here at Folio HQ we have received many requests regarding expanding the 6×6 cover option range, or offering them as bespoke designs – so we got to work!

We have said before that you will never need to design an album as a 6×6, and that still stands. If you are ordering a bespoke design 6×6 Fine Art Album, just design it as an 8×8 photographic book and we will print it to the required dimensions. This should make things easier for you to design your album when you are factoring in the boundaries between your images, and our bleed/trim settings. You can find out more about designing the bespoke 6×6 albums and also download our layout guides HERE.

Just like our 12×12, 10×10, and 8×8 albums, our 6×6 Fine Art Books are available with Contemporary, Vintage, or Eco Leather covers, alongside Colour Cotton, Photo Cotton, and Silk, as either a Client or Studio Sample album. The 6×6 albums are still unpadded and engraving only.

Our mini 6×6 Canvas covered duplicates are still available to order from the store. We have just added the option to make a 6×6 your Main Album instead!

However, our 6×6 main albums can be ordered as a parent book if you want the mini copy to have the same cover as the larger album. Just make sure that you order from the 6×6 Fine Art Album section of the store, rather than from the 6×6 duplicate section, in order to see all of the cover options available.

To order from our store you will need to login, but if you don’t have an account with us yet you can register HERE.

Just to summarise:
– Our 6×6 mini copies in Canvas are still available
– 6×6 albums are now available as standalone albums, or duplicates, in the other cover material options

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