Tour Stop 7: Cambridge

Yesterday Stewart and Van Outen arrived at the next stop of the tour surprisingly early because the traffic from West London to Cambridge was incredibly clear. This gave Stewart time to wander around in the nearby village and he soon attracted the attention of passing locals [even non-photographers can’t wait to join our Freedom Tour!].

It seems that our Tour Tech is what caught everyone’s eye! One of the locals, Bill, who has lived in the village for 42 years, thought that the X-Pro1 Stewart had in his hands was an old film camera. After chatting to Stewart for a little while, and taking the chance to look at and check out the X-Pro1, Bill agreed to pose for a shot:

When the time finally came for the tour day to kick off, Stewart found himself surrounded by tour pals since Mandy Carter, Hayley Ruth, the LightBlue team, and one of the Professional Photographer editors, Adam Scorey, were all in attendance.

Hamish, one of the co-founders of Light Blue, arrived in true Cambridge style by cycling down to the event and back home (Stewart managed to film Hamish before he set off, tucking his socks into his jeans and fastening on his helmet – safety precautions all the way!).

A massive thank-you to Hamish for coming down and showing everyone the Light Blue software and explaining how it can help with their businesses, find out more here: Light Blue

Sadly Stewart didn’t get a chance to get film footage of all of our wonderful Folio friends checking out our albums and products. Instead Stewart and Adam turned Van Outen into the perfect little make-shift studio in order to do a podcast for Professional Photographer, it seems Van Outen is making herself even more indispensable – I’m foreseeing a very sad Stewart when it comes to taking her back!

Our Tour Pals Mandy Carter and Hayley Ruth were both fantastic, hanging out and chatting with anyone and everyone. Mandy’s daughter, April, was wonderful as our Cambridge model. April not only took part in our ‘Get the Picture’ shoot, but also a styled photoshoot that Mandy put together. She modelled through-out the day, and even up to 9p.m. giving everyone the chance to get some fantastic shots and photo-shoots all around the tour area. April’s dress came from the fantastic Look Darling, a store which sells affordable reproduction 50’s style vintage wedding and evening dresses.

Stewart managed to get some great shots of April yesterday [after the rain stopped him from getting some of Aree the day before]:

I’m sure you all agree that April was a fantastic model! She has just finished her A-Level exams and is waiting on the results – everyone from Team Folio [and from the Freedom Tour] wishes her all the best of luck on results day!

Check out Hayley, Mandy, and April, hanging out in Van Outen after a long but fantastic day on the Tour ‘Spreading the Love’ to everyone on Folio Lounge:

The flags were kindly supplied by Mandy’s second business – Dottie Creations! [We think she needs to come and decorate Folio HQ!]

Check out today’s video post, the penultimate one on the tour. Everyone at Team Folio is sad that the tour is coming to an end, and we’re all sure that Stewart will miss Van Outen when she is returned [although at one point he calls her Van Elton… maybe its an in-joke from their time on the road together… or in sadness, he forgot her name – secretly I believe Van Elton works better, a blue camper van should be a boy!]

Last stop: Leeds!