Folio Tour Pal… Annemarie King

Annemarie King is our Folio Freedom Tour pal for our Leeds date. While Cris Matthews kicked off the tour with Stewart last Friday in Newcastle, we are rounding things down with Annemarie in Leeds. Annemarie absolutely loves (LOVES) her work as a wedding photographer – so much so that she never wants to call it her job.

Annemarie sees the opportunity of shooting someone’s wedding, and getting the chance to spend time with them on this incredibly special day as an honour. Annemarie specialises in country weddings due to her love of everything country (from gingham to peeling painted backdrops to her cowboy boots and everything outdoors). This allows her to take advantage of the natural light, skies, environment, and seasonal colours readily available to create photographs that are both full of emotion, but also quite simple and void of anything that may clutter the image. Annemarie strives to take pictures that are at once both romantic and dramatic, taking advantage of the unique setting of the day to create wonderfully personal images that truly capture the wedding day she has the chance to experience. Annemarie ensures that her photographs reflect the natural settings which provide the backdrop to her images, by taking natural photographs that seem as though they were taken without the couple being aware – a perfectly intimate moment captured on camera.

I asked Annemarie to provide an image that she really loved alongside a small commentary, and that photograph that she provided truly shows her talent for weaving the natural settings and her subjects together to create a photograph that is beautiful, emotional and wonderfully detailed.

“Stewart and his team asked me to send a picture that I like. Well… I like collections of images that show the mood, style and unique environment of this couple, at this moment in time on their wedding day.

I love that details can tell the story of the day so well – it doesn’t have to be the usual buttonhole picture, for me it can be a plant by the church door that only grows at that particular time of year, a piece of dry stone wall with lichen that shows the location of the wedding or vintage home made bunting that the bride and all her family all made together over many evenings.

So… sorry that I cheated and sent three pics and not one! Hope that tells you a little more about me, I’m looking forward to chatting all things Folio with you in Yorkshire – see you in Leeds!”