Folio Tour Pal… Kate Hopewell-Smith

Kate Hopewell-Smith is one of our Folio Freedom Tour pals for our West London date. She has always worked within the creative media industry; but when Kate started studying photography in her downtime, what she expected to be a hobby turned into a passion that inspired her wonderful career.

Kate started out taking pictures of her own, and her friends’, children. Then, after doing her first wedding shoot, Kate realised that she needed to set up her own business and make the thing that she was most passionate about a part of her daily life. Kate loves to photograph people and whilst working with children, and capturing the intense loves apparent on wedding days, will always be special to her, the work she has done on boudoir photography is the most precious. Kate’s boudoir shoots constantly provide a positive transformation to her clients as they gain confidence in themselves and in front of the camera. Kate strives to give her clients a unique shoot, so that they get out of it something special to them – both individual, personal, and undeniably creative.

I asked Kate to provide an image that she really loved alongside a small commentary, and the photograph that she provided truly shows her talent with boudoir photography, and how it can be incredibly affective for both herself, her subjects, and the viewer.

“On a training shoot for Aspire the stylist, Rachel, whispered to me that she had this amazing piece of lingerie that she would love me to photograph her in. We realised that the only way it could happen was for us both to get up at 5.30am the next morning. Me to drive to her house, and for her to have put on some make upand got herself camera ready! It was the end of Nov and by 7am a tiny amount of light was beginning to seep in through the windows. As a result I shot this on a 50 mm prime at f2.8, 60th Sec at 2000 ISO. We both love the images that we created in the 20 minutes we had.”