Folio Tour Pal… Brett Symes

Brett Symes is our Folio Freedom Tour pal for our Bristol date; he is completely fascinated by people and their stories, and this curiosity is at the heart of his photography and his style.

Brett’s approach to wedding photography is one of helping his clients to preserve the memories of their special day so that they can be treasured for a lifetime, and for future generations. In the fast paced technological world, Brett is amazed at the power a printed static photograph on a single piece of paper can hold. The endurance of photographs and their significance in our lives through the way that they capture a story from years past, and keep it preserved and unfading, continues to inspire his work. If life is a story, Brett sees a wedding day as one of the climactic points – one of the most important and memorable days of a lifetime that he gets to share, capture, and immortalise. This passion moves him to capture the moments where his clients are their most revealing, where their thoughts and emotions are – due to Brett’s photography – captured for all to see.

I asked Brett to provide an image that he really loved alongside a small commentary, and the photograph that he provided truly shows how a single image can capture a fleeting moment and reveal the beauty in our lives.

“This is a shot from a pre-wedding portrait session I did last weekend. I’ve always loved portraits that give the subjects enough room to breathe in the frame. I love the way the light falls across the couples’ faces, it makes the shot feel very intimate and tender. I also really like the colour palette of the picture, the various shades of brown add a beautiful natural warmth to the picture. It was brilliant photographing a couple who were happy to try some different shots in the knowledge that some might work and some might not. This shot happened to work well and the couple love it… and so do I.”