Folio Tour Pal… The Lawsons

Laura and Peter Lawson are our Folio Freedom Tour pals for our Manchester date. They are completely in love with the little moments that can go un-noticed, capturing and framing them to create images that truly reveal their clients and who they are – or for future generations, who they were.

Dubbed “The Lawsons”, Laura and Peter thoroughly work as a team. They always shoot together in an equal capacity, no one takes the lead and no one plays second chair. Whilst they love to get detail shots, they care more about getting the ‘cute’ shots – those intimate moments that celebrate the love and relationships present, in a passionate and unabashed way. The resulting images emanate a warmth that hints at an inner glow (although this may be down to their use of natural light more than the cherished moments they photograph). You only need to see a few of their wedding photographs to see that the happy couple, and all those who are sharing in their big day, look utterly happy and as though they belong in a fairytale happy ending.

I asked Laura and Peter to provide an image that they really loved alongside a small commentary, and the photograph that they provided epitomises the delicate and fleeting moments that they love to capture. On their website they write that they want to ‘grow old together and be those grandparents holding hands’. After seeing this image, it is hard to think that they could be talking about any other couple than this one:

“This photo is one of our favourites; it makes us all warm and fuzzy! Laughter and friendship, isn’t that what marriage is all about? It’s amazing to be able to see these moments and capture that love for a family to treasure”