Folio Tour Pal… Cris Matthews

Cris Matthews is our Folio Freedom Tour pal for our first location – Newcastle – and will be kicking off the tour with Stewart tomorrow. Cris completely loves both photography itself, and the fact that he gets to indulge in this passion as his everyday job.

Cris mainly describes his style as relaxed. He wants his clients to feel as comfortable in front of the camera as he does behind it, and Cris strives to realise this aim in every shoot. This shows in his approach to wedding photography since he prefers to take a lot of natural photographs from a distance so that his clients don’t need to put too much time aside for formal and couples shots. This means that Cris’ clients can simply relax and enjoy their wedding day, while he records the memorable moments as they unfold.

I asked Cris to provide an image that he really loved alongside a small commentary, and the photograph that he provided really showcases his unique and creative approach to photography.

“I tend to make use of quite a bit of flash photography at weddings, which is where my nickname “Flash Matthews” comes from, but this season I am really enjoying experimenting with just the available light. I think this picture of Philippa taken at her wedding to Mark is a good example of my changing style. We were so lucky to find this garden room just at the right moment, the light was just right and I didn’t need to do a thing. Just a perfect moment!

I also love to shoot as wide as I can, my 16-35mm lens is my current favourite. My couples have to get used to me rolling around on the floor, I just think the world looks better from down there.”