Collecting Van Outen

Today Stewart went down to collect Van Outen so that they could get to know each other a little better before they set off on the tour tomorrow. Stewart put together a quick blog post about his trip so that we could document the tour from the very start – and also to provide a little more information about Van Outen, and provide the first few ‘on the road’ shots from the X-Pro1. So now I’ll hand the reins over to Stewart to tell you all about his journey to meet Van Outen:

We’ve hired the camper van from Trevor, the manager, is as passionate about VW Camper Vans as we are about albums. After a short run through of the finder details of driving a classic car – no power steering or brakes, and no synchromesh for 1st gear – I got on my way.

Here is Trevor in his workshop


I took her to a quiet place for a private photo shoot. The images are shot on the Fujifilm X-Pro1 using the 18mm lens that came in the initial lens pack. Since I did the shoot on the road, all of the editing was done on the iPad using Snapseed.



…And I couldn’t resist some vintage post production – with a classic camper van it would be a crime not to, it was dead easy with Snapseed on the iPad.


I’ll take some more images when we’re on the road, Van Outen is proving to be a very willing model.

When we finally rolled back up at the office everyone couldn’t resist coming out and taking a look. Even the guys from other offices who were on their lunch break came over and had to climb inside. Van Outen and I are psyched to be getting up and heading out on the road tomorrow morning.

See you in Newcastle.

(The video below is shot in real time, it makes Jack Bauer’s trips around LA seem less impressive somehow…)